Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions for leasing and using, and a contract for the lease of the apartment for a certain period of time

Reservation: Guest/Lessee/ chooses dates, fills in the reservation form, accepts the conditions and method of payment for the apartment.

Reservation confirmed:“Apartman Centar Bg”sends confirmation of reservation to the guest’s e-mail.Within the confirmation is the reservation that the guest has filled in, clearly indicating the dates of the reservation, price and number of guests. It states that the guest confirms the arrival and agrees to the invoicing and payment of the service for the requested facility according to the above period and conditions of stay.

Change of reservation: any change in the start or termination date.

Cancellation or termination:cancellation during the stay or reservation, or prior cancellation notice.

  1. Extension of the stay of the guest is possible, if approved by the owner of the apartment and if the guest at the reception makes a payment in a timely manner for the extended period.
  1. The guest can cancel the reservation and receive a full refund if the cancellation is made on time, that is, the day after the reservation (24h) or 14 days before the start of the agreed period of stay. Cancellations made outside this period will be charged in full in the amount of the service pro forma invoice and/or invoice. Refund of part of the charged service is possible only at the discretion of the management.
  2. All stays are granted upon the decision of the apartment owner or the coordinator of the apartment accommodation. The accommodation coordinator reserves the right to change or cancel any reservation in whole or in part without any prior notice in the case of force majeure or unforeseen organizational factors.
  3. In case of inappropriate behavior – treatment of guests, detected deficiencies in the identification documents of potential guests at the beginning or possibly discovered during the stay in the apartment, its representatives in such a case will have no further obligations.
    1. The client-guest is familiar with the house rules and accepts them before confirming the reservation.
    2. The client confirms that he exempts “Apartman Centar Bg” or their representatives from any compensation of damage due to cancellation of reservations or unexpected changes in the nature of the accommodation service. The client confirms that the internet, electricity, water, air conditioning and other ancillary equipment or services are an integral part of the accommodation service which is the subject of this contract and that these shall in no way be additionally charged, and the reliability of the above services is subject to common interferences that may occur with public utilities. The client relieves the Lessor of any liability or compensation in the event of their occurrence.
    3. “Apartman Centar Bg” reserves the full right to terminate the provision of services as well as to withhold complete billed services in case of the following transgressions or breaches of this contract:

    – Disrespecting the house rules and harassing other tenants. Irresponsible behavior towards things and inventory inside the apartment, their damage or breakage.

    –  hosting any events or organizing any guest groups that exceed the estimated or agreed number of registered guests-clients. That is:  stay of the number of clients greater than the number of those registered at the time of signing the contract.

    -Any organization of public events is prohibited without express written permission.

    -All commercial activities by guests are prohibited without the express written permission and agreement governing that area.

    -Recording of the object in any capacity intended for wider distribution is expressly prohibited.

    -Illegal activities.

    – Presence or traces of pets

“Apartman Centar Bg” uses AES 256-bit encryption to store your data and uses encrypted communication, storage and processing paths for your data, with the exception of: e-mail messages and phone-mobile calls. After a certain period of time, digital communications, photographs, recorded activities and reservation data are permanently and irreversibly deleted, except for those intended for the purposes prescribed by law.

  1. “Apartman Centar Bg” dissociates itself from any possible harm or liability resulting from the possible exposing of any of our electronic or physical archives or services by third parties through illegal activities. Apartment user information may be used for criminal investigation purposes without your prior consent or with an appropriately supported court order. By making reservations and/or inquiries about the apartment accommodation, you accept that your data can be stored in personal data bases, and you unconditionally give permission to process your data for an indefinite period in accordance with the applicable regulations in the Republic of Serbia and the European Union (in accordance with the European Data Retention Directive 2006/24/EC and EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 – GDPR).
  2. Any possible security audio/video or recorded conversations when interacting with our agents, employees or apartment owners (in our premises or in combination with our leased telecommunications infrastructure) may be used for any potential internal or external use: for example,for quality control, by“Apartman Centar Bg”. Unless otherwise notified thereof, telephone calls and interaction with our staff during the telephone booking process are not recorded. It is strictly forbidden to record audio content without prior notice.
  1. For the convenience of guests, the apartment has codes for a stand-alone Check In/Check Out.

Entrance to the apartment is possible from 14:00 to 00:00 (2pm to midnight). The day before arriving at the apartment, the guest receives instructions and pictures on how to get to the apartment.On the day of arrival, the guest receives one code on the registered mobile number which opens the gate of the yard and another code for entering the apartment so that he/she can enter the apartment independently.

The apartment has clearly-identified passwords for WIFI, the tv channel plan and all the information you need to get the most out of your apartment.


  1. By signing this contract, the guest agrees that if for any reason he/she was unable to remove his/her personal belongings from the apartment on time, the owner may pack and transfer the items (belongings) to the reception or other internally prescribed location for storage of the guests’ belongings.
  2. They can be retrieved by the guest for a fee of RSD 4000 for transportation and storage services. Storage service is charged extra per day in the amount of 300 RSD per day after three days from the date of termination of the contract. The guest agrees that his/her personal belongings will not be returned to him/her until he/she has fully settled his debts to “Apartman Centar Bg” in any sense of this contract.
  1. “Apartman Centar Bg” reserves the right to charge for additional services in the event of breach of this contract on the grounds referred to in Article 6, as well as for services undertaken in the event that the guest left the apartment in the condition contrary to the one in which he/she took it. By signing this contract, the client agrees with the obligation to the accounts which are subsequently calculated in accordance with the following anticipated situations: damage, overstay, theft, missing inventory of the apartment. All stated amounts in EUR are calculated in RSD equivalent at the NBS middle exchange rate on the day of service calculation.
  2. Situations involving the payment of services or where it is necessary for the client to compensate the Lessor, “Apartman Centar Bg”:

a) Physical (material) damage – lost keys, accidental or deliberate damage to the original condition of the apartment, extremely messy condition of the apartment (dirty walls, linen, towels), lack or theft of the apartment inventory.

b) Presence or traces of pets – pets are not allowed in the apartments and are grounds for termination of the contract and cancellation of services.

c) The number of guests exceeding the number of guests registered when signing the contract.

d) Gathering a large number of unregistered persons in the apartment for entertainment, presentations, celebrations.

e) Disrespecting the house rules and harassing other tenants in the building.

f)  Keeping guests and personal belongings in the apartment for longer than the agreed time, thus hindering staff access.

g) Consequences of illegal acts or damage resulting from illegal activities.

  1. Both parties have agreed that the client-user permanently waives any rights of complaint or claims for damages on any basis to “Apartman Centar Bg” during the term of this contract and after the termination of the provided services.
  2. a) Both contracting parties agree that in case of dispute of any kind the competent court will be the First Basic Court in Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. The contracting parties have agreed to settle any disputes under this contract by mutual agreement and/or peacefully, and in the case of the failure thereof, any disputes shall be settled before the First Basic Court in Belgrade.

b) This edition of the contract excludes all previous editions.

  1. During your stay in the apartment, “Apartman Centar Bg” does not cover you with any insurance, nor does it protect you from any possible damage suffered during your stay. We recommend traveling with travel insurance. By the booking process itself, the client unconditionally waives and expressly disassociates“Apartman Centar Bg” from any liability towards his/her personal belongings, during his/her contracted stay in the apartment under our management or auspices. “Apartman Centar Bg” does not in any way guarantee the contents or safety of the apartment during your use. Do not leave your valuables in the apartments during your absence.